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In recent years, we are  paying more and more attention to postural problems related to dental therapies. In this context, the gnathology (the study of occlusion) is becoming increasingly important. In prostheses with the research for the correct vertical dimension. In orthodontics not only the correct alignment of the teeth is considered, but even more the correct ratio between the mandibular and the  maxillary through the orthopedics of the jaws and the correct positioning of the guides. For this reason, great importance has always been given to this aspect of the designers of Dental Stealth®. We created the Dental Stealth® Postural to be used with orthotic that simulate the dental elevation with aesthetic corrections of anterior region with the objective of achieving the highest aesthetic and functional results. The prerogative of Dental Stealth® is to get retention on all the teeth by moving only those interested without having to fight unforeseen forces. To obtain any desired movement, using a fixed orthodontic technique, many unwanted and uncontrollable displacements are created. Futhermore to contol the above, the insertion of auxiliary retention appliances are not enough.

With Dental Stealth® through braces the anchored teeth do not undergo any displacement.

Full control. Maximum efficiency. At last, the perfect combination of function and aesthetics.

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