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Discover why
Dental Stealth® 
Aligners make
everything easier!

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Dental Stealth® is simple, safe, and comfortable.

Our system easily adapts to meet a wide

variety of patients' needs .

We have developed a new technique

of indirect bonding of the attachments

to simplify the work of the dentist.

We have also developed a new system

that makes inserting and removing the invisible aligners easier and more comfortable

for both the patient and the dentist.

Our innovative system guarentees an easy and effective solution for everyone.




Dental Stealth® is an orthodontic treatment system obtained by means of a sequence of transparent and thin dental aligners constructed on the basis of a set-up ( alignment system teeth ) gradually , by means of micro movements determined by sophisticated software . The aligners are changed every 2/3 weeks and bring the teeth gradually to assume the correct position.




Each aligner is built to adhere perfectly to the tooth's surface  wrapping his teeth with a perfectly smooth material with rounded edges to not create discomfort to the tongue . At the level of the collar of the teeth, both externally and internally to the oral cavity, the transparent masks are modeled in order not to compress the papillae and the gum, and to not allow the stagnation of the saliva and the accumulation of bacterial plaque.


The material used for the construction of aligners and their method of construction make that the aligners Dental Stealth® are absolutely the most transparent, this mainly due to the lack of streaks on the surface of the masks. These streaks are present in the aligners of competition are the cause of plaque buildup, salivary stagnation and therefore the yellowing of templates.
For Dental Stealth® more transparent also means cleaner !

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