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With the Smart Budget method, in a few minutes the patient will receive the cost of its treatment. There is no longer need to wait several days to receive the quote of your orthodontic treatment. Now, virtually in real time, the dentist may suggest the treatment with invisible aligners and communicate the cost to the patient in a few minutes.




With the Stick-on Attachment System, Functional Research is the first and only company, worldwide, to offer its customers a Attachmets of bonding system, simple, quick and accurate. Together with invisible aligners will be provided a template with thattachments composite already inserted and ready to paste..





With the Snap system, to extract the aligner from the mouth will be a breeze ! A small coupling in the aligner allows the easy disconnection of the brace. This is also a unique feature of the invisible aligners Dental Stealth®

With Dental Stealth®, the dentist has the opportunity to discuss any case directly with the orthodontic technician who will follow it . The project and processing are followed by highly specialized orthodontists technicians, constantly updated, that cooperate on daily basis with research and development teams. All this guarantees the Dental constant qualitative growth that is essential to the success of any treatment. The Digital System 3D Dental Stealth®, is effective and accurate, ideal for maximum results .


SMART Quotation


Shortly you can communicate to your patient the quotation and duration of his treatment. Send 6 photos via WathsApp of the arches to be treated to the number

+39 348 6425389

Detection of impressions with the double impression technique


Detects your patient's impressions with the technique of " double impression ". Dental Stealth® was the first Italian company to introduce the system of taking impressions with cellophane paper 

* In addition to the materials proposed in the video, the classical Putty relined with the soft precision material can be successfully used.

Send us the impressions through our courier


Call +39 392 957 4259 to request the withdrawal of the impressions. We will send our courier for free.

In a few days you will receive the treatment project


Along with the project, we will also send you a virtual movie, you will be able to show to your patient.



Aligners delivery


The invisible aligners will be sent together with the reference models ( prototypes). This enables the Dentist to monitor the progress of dental movement at each change of each aligner.




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