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To understand the peculiarities Dental differ Stealth® from traditional techniques with serial aligners,

download the informational PDF.


Dental Stealth® is an orthodontic treatment system that allows you to straighten teeth and correct malocclusions without compromising the aesthetics and phonation. The orthodontic treatment is obtained by a sequence of transparent and thin dental aligners constructed on the basis of a set-up (alignment system teeth) gradually, by means of micro movements determined by sophisticated software. The aligners are changed every 2/3 weeks and gradually lead the teeth to assume the correct position.


Dental Stealth® customized orthodontic treatment is an effective, convenient, removable and virtually invisible. A virtual processor of your dental arches show in advance of your teeth movements during therapy. This way you can get an indication of how will be your smile will be at the end of the treatment. Your teeth will move aligner after aligner, until it will be aligned in the correct position determined by your dentist.


What distinguishes Dental Stealth from other aligners is the simplicity of use by the patient and the ease of procedures with regard to the work of the dentist. Quote in minutes, easy and fast bonding of Attachments pre built by the department Dental Technician Stealth® Functional Research, quick and easy disconnection of aligners for the patient.


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